Simplicity. Flow. Air and light. How hard can it be to achieve these aims when designing a home?

Well, it’s a bit like the old adage: “I didn’t have time to write you a short letter, so I’ve written you a long one”.

Pam Glazer writes short letters, which take time, feeling and experience. She has the talent, maturity and know-how that enable her to hear and observe your story and to express it in the form of a home.













Pam’s process begins with a visit to your current home, where she takes in how you and your family are accustomed to doing things. Simple things, like setting a table, like getting the laundry to where it needs to be, like how you arrange yourself to watch TV, use your computer or listen to music. Like where you like to keep your pet’s leash and food and where you set down the groceries when you return from shopping. Pam knows how important it is for your family to be comfortable and to move around your home with ease.

Pam Glazer’s work is characterized by a cluster of elements – clean lines, bold use of color and your particular needs. A triathlete as well as an architect, Pam’s athleticism is in evidence through her positive and highly energetic approach to understanding how you live and delivering on your ideas and dreams. She is an executor par excellence, who will remain involved in your project until the last detail is in place.

Pam also cares about your larger surroundings. She is LEED certified and a member of Long Island Green. Responsible environmental behavior is built into all her work. Pam does it in a way that doesn’t call attention to itself, but is rather seamlessly integrated into to the layout and construction of all her work.

Yes, your home will be stunning. But more importantly, you will feel the most you can be within it.