Pam starts with a visit to your current home. She asks about your personal styles, preferences and needs. At the same time, she takes the opportunity to observe how you and those living with you move about your home. These are the key elements that inform her work.

In her typical energetic fashion, she begins sketching immediately after the visit, creating the beginnings of a visual platform around which the relationship continues.

As decisions are made, Pam acts very quickly to begin transforming sketches into layouts and layouts to blueprints. Once this stage is completed, Pam moves on to securing the necessary licenses and permissions to begin turning plans into reality. At the same time, she secures the necessary resources of labor and materials so that work can begin immediately after all plans are approved by the relevant authorities.

Some clients like to be very involved in all phases of the home design and building project, others less so. Pam is most comfortable with a happy client and is adept in integrating her clients into the process to any degree they feel comfortable; after all, comfort is at the heart of the whole undertaking. An open and welcoming person, she encourages site visits and loves brainstorming and answering questions.

At the end of the day, Pam delivers a painless process during construction and a profound sense of satisfaction for her clients.

Pamela Glazer Architect